Royal Carriage. Don River Railway

The Royal Carriage

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Royal Carriage

AA+1 (AAL+1)

About June 1879 this car was delivered from the Bristol Wagon Company on a six wheel under frame with a width of 6ft 10in (1.97m) and on a 45ft 5in (13.82m) wooden under frame.

In the late 1880's the carriage was fitted with double bogies.

By about 1893 the carriage was widened to 8ft (2.44m).

In 1935 the carriage was numbered AAL+1.

It was withdrawn from passenger service in the early 1950's.

On the 26th February 1954 re-entered service as Camp 137, and placed on a 1890 Bristol steel under frame.In 1982 AAL+1 was purchased by the Van Diemen Railway Society for continued use as a camp car.

In 2009 the decision was made to restore the carriage in the forms as used by members of the Royal Family when visiting Tasmania.

Restoration of AAL+1 began in January 2009 when the carriage was transported to the Inveresk workshops of the Don River Railway.

The body was removed from the underframe, and stored on a flat wagon while the underframe was sandblasted, checked for damage, cleaned and painted. While this was going on, the interior was stripped of partitions that had been inserted by the Tasmanian Government Railways when it was converted to a camp car.

After stripping off layers of paint, it was discovered that the vehicle was lined with Huon Pine.

Stencils were made of the original clerestory windows and new windows matching the originals were made.

Using references showing the layout when in use as the Commissioners Car, the internal dividing walls were constructed.